About us - LLama Experience
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About the LLama Experience


The Llama Experience has evolved as a result of falling in love with three young llamas bred by Mary Pryse of Catanger Llamas in Towcester. Nicola Newbery has worked with her boys (Miguel, Luca and Jiminey) preparing them to entertain you, they each have very individual personalities and if you have yet to meet a llama, you are in for a treat.


Famed for their inquisitive characters, these herd animals are native to South America and are camilids – meaning they come from the same family as camels. Curious by nature, they are playful and quirky, without being too affectionate and not aggressive.

Nestled in a 10 acre small holding on the edge of the rural village Brigstock you will find Llama HQ (the boys stable) and The Llama Lounge, an exclusive retreat to relax and enjoy a variety of hand-selected refreshments.


First off your experience starts with herding the llamas into their stable, you will be given lots of advice and guidance meeting and greeting your llama, we are a couples experience only (minimum age 14) so you will have exclusivity to Miguel and Jiminey, Luca will be led by Nicola. We halter them up and groom before taking a stroll around our farmland which takes around 40 minutes. You will be leading your own llama who will often dictate the pace and stop many times along the way to check out something growing overhead or a potential predator lurking in the bush. Highly sensitive, their huge ‘banana’ ears give them acute hearing and make the walk all the more interesting!


On our return, we turn the boys out into the paddock and you then go and chill either on the deck or into the well equipped Llama Lounge with crockery from Liberty, vintage cutlery, antique club chairs and original art by local artist Fenella Beauchamp.


The llama Lounge opens its safari-style windows and doors directly into the llamas’ paddock, and it isn’t uncommon for one or more of them to make a personal appearance, as curious as they are. Your stay with us will be for around two-three hours with secure private parking and male & female restrooms facilities are available.

Meet the boys




Miguel is the more timid one of the boys, he will let the other two wade in first.




Luca always has Jiminey’s back, but is best described as leader of the pack.




Although Jiminey is the smallest of the boys, he is also the most affectionate.