The Llama Lady's Daughter - LLama Experience
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The Llama Lady’s Daughter


You’re the Llama Lady’s daughter!’

This phrase I hear all too often when back visiting from university and going for a walk around my village.

Hello, I’m Verity, and as you may have guessed… I am the daughter of the wonderful Llama Lady!

Verity - The Llama Lady's Daughter - The Llama Experience

As it stands I am in close competition with my sister (Millie) for 10th favourite child, following a string of llamas, and now alpacas. My mum has always been an avid animal lover, which resulted in growing up surrounded by a whacky array of animals, ranging from a couple of chipmunks to a one-horned goat. Although I had always been used to taking in the odd neglected sheep or rabbit, I must admit, the llamas did come as quite the surprise!

Mum has always been full of amazing and crazy ideas, but when she began discussing the ‘Llama Experience’ that’s exactly what I thought it was, a crazy IDEA. Next thing you know I’ve got Miguel, Luca and Jiminy moving into my back garden. Her ‘lovely boys’, as she so fondly calls them, were now a reality and the business took off!

In all honestly, I found them rather scary at first (a very uncommon opinion) so became quite the spectacle if ever walking them. They flinch, I flinch. They run for the hills, I run the other way. I suppose not all people have the animal whispering gift that my mum has! However, with time I have been able to see how their kind and funny temperaments bring so much joy and excitement to so many different people. Well, that and some amazing afternoon tea!

Just as I adjusted to the new family additions, along came the alpacas. One of the previous blogs explains the difference, and I am not usually one to express favouritism, but they have stolen my heart (especially the baby cria)! Not only is this unique experience something for everyone to come and enjoy, but it has also provided some special moments that I have shared with my mum. Helping to feed the baby alpaca is undoubtedly the best serotonin boost of all, but just the little moments spent as a family up in the field that the Llama Lady has created, is something I am incredibly grateful for.

The Llama Lounge with Verity the Llama Lady's Daughter - The Llama Experience

If you come for your own Llama Experience and see me out and about, please do give the Llama Lady’s daughter a wave, as it is a privilege to be known as such!


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