Llama Walking Experience 'Highlights' for 2021 - LLama Experience
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Llama Walking Experience ‘Highlights’ for 2021

We look back over 2021 at some of our Llama Walking Experiences and a little Llama Drama.

2021 Llama Experiences Highlights



Miguel LOVES the ladies!

Happy Valentines Day ♥️♥️♥️

Miguel - Feb llama Walking Experiences

Llama lunch for these two, Daniella was celebrating her 21st birthday with her lovely dad. Our guests seem to be quite overwhelmed by these amazing camelids!

Daniella Birthday - Feb Llama Walking Experience


Gorgeous day for these two who LOVED their vegan coffee morning.

Coffee Morning - March Llama Walking Experience

Afternoon treat for these two llama lovers…it’s great meeting folks from far and wide again!

Afternoon Tea - May Llama Walking Experience

The boys are loving the attention and are slowly getting used to being almost naked after shearing!

Sheared - May Llama Walking Experiences

Birthday treat for these two…?

Birthday Treat - May Llama Walking Experience

Bank holiday and girls walking Llamas, what could be more perfect.

Bank Holiday - May Llama Walking Experience


Meet Elliot, he’s our trusty volunteer from Moulton Agricultural college. His help is really valued and I have no doubt he will carve out a great career in animal welfare. Thanks Elliot x

Elliot - June Llama Walking Experiences

These two had the best time with my boys. Top marks were given for our cracking scotch eggs !!

Lunch Walk - June Llama Walking Experience

Meet Star, she is here with me & the boys for work experience……she’s bright, fun and very enthusiastic ?

Star - June Llama Walking Experience


Miguel just continues to dish out the kisses ?

Llama Kisses - July Llama Walking Experience


Celebration today….. 21st birthday surprise for Holly !!

Holly - August Llama Walking Experiences

You can only but smile around these boys !

Llama Smiles - August Llama Walking Experience

My lovely visitors today enjoyed afternoon tea to celebrate a birthday.

Birthday Walk - August Llama Walking Experience

New llama lovers in the llama lounge today!!

New Guests - August Llama Walking Experiences

Check out our social pages for videos of the Boys and some additional Llama Drama when guests are not about enjoying a Llama Walk Experience.


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